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Leading Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer

Alumaze is an emerging Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer and supplier with a strong presence in South India. Being a premium manufacturer of ACP sheets for ACP cladding, we dedicate ourselves to experimenting with a range of dimensions, gauges and textures. Our manufacturing unit culminates indigenous techniques and cutting-edge technologies. We take pride in being the first Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturers in India to use 5 -calender technology that gives superior flatness to the sheet and it completely fine-tunes the polyethene core, ensuring no dents on the finished sheets. This adds to its aesthetic appeal and extends the longevity of the sheets.

Overview of Our Manufacturing Unit

Our aluminium composite panel manufacturing and production unit at Vizianagaram has an area of 2 acres, in which the built-up area is 60,000 sq. unit. This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has an 18-20 Lakh production capacity which is powered with technology such as Conical Twins Screw extruder. We have 4 extruder lines which manufacture LDPE granules that help us manufacture the finest quality, ACP Sheets. We manufacture 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm ACP panels for exterior and interior applications. Our extensive manufacturing lines allow us to provide customisation in thickness, and colour coating of the ACP sheet design.

Aluminium Composite panel Manufacturers in India | Alumaze
5 roller calendar technology | Acp Sheets | Alumaze

Technology and Expertise Behind Top-Quality ACP Sheet Manufacturing

Sourcing Quality Raw Material ACP sheets are also known as sandwich sheets, as these consist of thin aluminium sheets sandwiching a thin polyethylene core, coated with paint, and protective film. The process at our manufacturing unit begins with sourcing quality raw materials. We source the finest quality polyethylene which is tested at our lab and then sent to the extruder for production.

Production Line

The raw material goes through stringent testing to be integrated for manufacturing quality ACP Panel. In the production process, a small piece of ACP sheet is cut and sent to the testing lab for a quality check of its physical and technical properties. They include peel strength, tensile strength, thickness, hardness, impact, heat resistance, boiling test, and rusting test. As one of the prominent, and pioneer ACP Sheet manufacturer and supplier in South India, we test every sheet manually after lab tests to ensure quality, before sending it to the market.

Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturer | Production line | Alumaze
Alumaze ACP Sheet | Alumaze

Layers of Aluminium Composite Panel

Protective film PVDF Coating Aluminium Coil Adhesive film (DuPont) Polyethylene Core Adhesive film (DuPont) Aluminium Coil

Advantages of Alumaze Aluminium Composite Panel
  • Elevates the aesthetic feel and appearance of structures
  • Customisation as per the client’s requirement and vision
  • Premium quality ACP sheet that does not allow dust or pollution to settle
  • Anti-rust, and weather-proof panels
  • Ease in installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexibility and Bendability
Usage of Aluminium Composite Panel

ACP as Interior Claddin

 The aluminium composite panel is extensively used for interior wall panelling, roofing, partitioning, and even furniture cladding. The thin sheets are highly flexible and can be bent up to 90 degrees, allowing them to be shaped in any form for designing.

ACP as Exterior Cladding

Protect the exterior from the wrath of rain, humidity and heat by blanketing it with ACP Sheets. These sheets are used for front elevation add texture and elevate the visual appearance of the exterior. In the exterior, we recommend using 4mm, and 6mm panels.

ACP as Signage

ACP sheets are preferred for corporate signage. With features like rain, fire, water, and weather resistance, they are preferably a better choice over vinyl and traditional signage.

Explore The Versatility of ACP Sheet With Alumaze

Alumaze is one of the new-age manufacturers of new-age building materials. With ACP Series such as Marble Series, Metallic/Solid/Glossy Series, Sand Series, Sparkle/Brush/Mirror series, Stone Series, Texture/Antique Series, and Wooden Series allow space shapers of today to explore a range of designs in commercial, industrial and residential spaces. Choose your pick from the leading ACP Sheet manufacturer and supplier in South India.

Manufacturing unit | Alumaze