The aluminium composite panel is often abbreviated as ACP, made with thin sheets of aluminium with a thermoplastic core. The amalgamation of raw materials along with protective coating makes the final product resemble a sandwich, hence it is also known as a sandwich panel. Comprising metal and non-metal, ACP sheet performs better in terms of disadvantages of other materials. 

Being a material that comes with numerous advantages, and features, it has become reliable material for modern commercial spaces. The space shapers play an integral role in the overall appearance of a building. And choosing the right ACP Sheet design makes all the difference!

Technology has enabled us to have better aluminum pliability, imitate natural materials, and experiment with design variation. Being the face of the modern facade, we are bringing innovation in design with our wide range of ACP façade designs.

Let’s explore the designs and how it is bringing allure to commercial buildings.

Types of ACP Panel Series From Alumaze

Marble Series

From the Taj Mahal to residential spaces, Marble is one of the prominent choices for modern construction. Although it adds a luxury finish, it is well known for its difficulty in installation, exorbitant pricing, and high maintenance. Well, the design of marble is timeless, it is time to change the material. ACP Panel design in marble series. It can be added as a partition, or ceiling façade to enhance the appearance and give the real look and feel of marble paneling.

Metallic Solid/Glossy Series

It’s always good to have something extra on walls, and what’s better than metallic shades?  Metallic shades have the ability to totally coax the ambient lighting and add something glittery to walls. The solid metallic shades are available in sizes 3mm, and 4mm, and these shades are the perfect addition in interior/exterior and for workplace branding. Said that some of the shades from Alumaze that we would recommend you incorporate to enhance the appearance are Satin Grey, Satin Silver, Glossy Black, Glossy Ice White, Glossy Ferrari Red, and many more to plush up the commercial spaces.

Sand Series

Sand shades on ACP panels exude a sense of serenity and tranquility. With their subtle and earthy tones, these panels create a harmonious blend between the structure and its surroundings. Ideal for commercial spaces that seek a soothing and calming environment, sand shades on ACP sheets complement various architectural styles. The durable and weather-resistant properties of ACP panels make them a practical choice for enhancing building exteriors and commercial facades, ensuring a lasting impression for years to come. To mesmerise the commercial spaces, you can opt for shades such as Sea Sand, Sume Stone, Oxford Grey, and Ivory.


Stone shades on ACP panels bring the timeless beauty and grandeur of natural stones to the forefront. From sleek and contemporary to classic and majestic, these panels come in a variety of stone-inspired designs that cater to diverse design preferences. With the strength of aluminum and the visual appeal of stones, these ACP panels offer a cost-effective and lightweight solution for achieving the look and feel of real stones without the hefty price tag. Some of the remarkable shades are Cyprus stone, Russet stone, Canadian stone, and Colombian stone.


Wooden ACP panels effortlessly bring the warmth and rustic charm of nature to any space. The perfect marriage of modernity and traditional aesthetics, wooden shades on ACP sheets create an inviting and cozy ambiance. Whether it’s an office complex, a restaurant, or even the façade of a residential building, wooden ACP panels add a touch of sophistication and natural beauty. These panels are designed to mimic the texture and grain patterns of real wood, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative that requires minimal maintenance. Our ACP Sheet design that mimics the wooden shades includes Sable, Raven Wood, Midnight Oak, Tanzania, Fume Larch, etc.

HPL Series

The high-pressure laminates made with Aluminium and thermoplastic core are the choice to enhance the durability of the buildings. These are available in thickness of 6mm, making it the choice of architects and designers in exterior walls, signages, and interior partitions. You can choose from Alumaze’s extensive colors and finishes to match your vision perfectly.

The Advantage of ACP Sheet Design for Exterior Commercial Spaces are:


The ACP panels are known for their durability, coming with features such as scratch-resistant, weather-resistant, UV rays-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, making them perfect for the exterior when exposed to harsh weather conditions.


The thin panel and thermoplastic core are the perfect blend for making a weightless facade that can stand the test of time. Despite its sturdiness, these panels are surprisingly lightweight, making installation and handling a breeze.


ACP panel is the material of endless possibilities. The new age designers and architects need fresh and unique designs that can transcend their imagination into structures. In this, Alumaze plays a key role with its five calendar technology to create customized ACP panel design solutions.

Alumaze- The Choice of New-Age Architects

A couple of years ago, ACP was only limited to outdoor cladding like exterior façade, but with innovation in technology, and change in ACP Sheet design trends, it is also used for interior and signages. Alumaze is the choice of futuristic architects, designers, and fabricators. With innovation in design and our commitment to quality, we are redefining the future of architecture in commercial buildings.