We understand the struggle of choosing the right ACP Manufacturer, especially if the company is new in the market. You can do this only occasionally and master the skill of finding the right aluminium composite panel manufacturers, which is quite tough as many companies in the market do not satisfy the needs of customers by providing them with the right ones. But Alumaze on the other hand is an emerging ACP manufacturer who is doing its best to provide the best to the customers by offering high-quality ACP with endless functional potential and endless design.

In this article, you will get to know the right way of choosing the right ACP Manufacturer. Let’s begin!

7 ways for selecting the right ACP Manufacturer

This section will help you get more precise insights on choosing the right and relevant ACP manufacturers.

The Product Line

It is very important to start with the product line of the ACP manufacturer. Products are the main reason why people rely on a particular company and build a relationship that lasts, therefore checking what kind of products the aluminium composite panel manufacturer has, is the first priority. To look for the product line in the company, it also shows what kind of ACP sheets you require and what can we provide.

There are many quintessence of ACP sheets such as ‘interior and exterior ACP’ that includes Mirror ACP sheets and Wooden furnished ACP panels, marble ACP panels, glossy ACP sheets, and so on. Even if the ACP service is legit but cannot provide you with the product you need, our customer base will go down and we will start losing the place we made in the market so far. Hence, we only mention products and services that we can provide.

The Core Material

The core material of ACP sheets can hugely impact the insulation, rating, soundproofing, and other ecological sides. Here are some common core materials that we use like polyethene (PE), and fire retardant core (A2). ACP and core materials are provided by us and we are trying to climb our way up the business of the market.

The core materials of ACP sheets give their quality performance and satisfy customers who are looking for reputed manufacturers in the market.

The Delivery Policy

While in the process of selecting the aluminium composite panel manufacturer, you should always keep in mind the delivery policy. It is important that we deliver on time, as it shows the customer that they can rely on us and depend on their demand.  For that, one needs to look into the ACP’s distribution framework as well as the export policy while determining its strengths.

It is inconvenient for us if we deliver the product late which will impact the growth of our emerging business. Customers always want their service or products at the right time and intact, therefore if any ACP manufacturer fails to meet the main requirements, the company will lower its position in the emerging market.

The Coating

The coating on the other hand also plays a vital role in selecting the right ACP manufacturer. It influences the colour options such as matte or gloss finish. It also influences UV Stability, weather resistance, and so on. PVDF and PE are the two most famous finishes. Among the two finishes offered by us, PVDF is the most expensive one because the coating is more long-lasting than PE.  Consider the aesthetic criteria of coatings as the ACP manufacturer provides that too.

The Reputation

The fifth way to select the right ACP panel manufacturer is to go by reputation. In the market, it is important for our customers to know what ACP manufacturer provides the best and where they are in the market right now. We provide the best and have a good reputation in the market, but there are others who are known for their notoriety inside the industry.

There have been many cases now and then in the market that have shaken the trust of the customers, but we focus only on the improvement of the product to improve the customer base, for us, we are just emerging.

The client Service

What do customers love most about a manufacturer or a company? The answer is ‘client service’. We understand that you have found one of the leading aluminium composite panel manufacturers in the market, the product line is great as well and the delivery time is always within the estimated time.

Let’s also mention that the company is reputed as well, but the client service is poor and you can’t get hold of them when you face difficulty with the product. This department in our company plays a huge role in building good relations with clients and the ACP manufacturer. One must affirm a few things like a corporation providing beneficial sales help to the client. In this way, it will be helpful for us as well as the customers to keep the seller and buyer relationship in a nice position.


Selecting various ACP sheets in the market is not going to be that easy. So if you want an ACP sheet that will be affordable as well, then consider Alumaze as your ACP manufacturer, for it is emerging with innovative ideas to make the product affordable for its customers. Since the product line is huge and there are several series of ACP sheets, it will be easier to pick up a taste along with safety. We are one of the emerging and the first ACP sheets-providing companies from South India. Its production units fill the latest technology with the help of 5 calendar technology, being the first in India. In this article, we have mentioned the 7 ways of selecting and understanding your ACP sheets properly before buying them. All of these ways are as important as others in order to stay in the market and become the customer’s favourite.