Brand colours, and logos, are associated with the brand identity, which is why to elevate the visual identity of any brand, the right material and design play a key role in conveying the essence of the brand to its audience. Among the array of materials for the facade, and front elevation– the Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP Sheets) has emerged as a popular choice for business.

In today’s competitive landscape, establishing a strong and memorable brand identity is crucial for businesses. As ACP sheets offer impeccable aesthetics, durability, and maintenance-free facade, it is a common choice among modern business owners, and architects to create a branded environment.

Makeover of Visual Identity Of Brand In Retail

In this fast-paced world staying relevant is the key. ACP sheets are known for creating contemporary and sleek appearances that enhance the brand image. The smooth surfaces and clean lines create a sense of sophistication and freshness, making your brand stand out from competitors.

Versatility in design

Be it a luxury brand, or a small business looking to grab consumers’ eyeballs, design speaks for what the brand represents. As ACP sheets come in various textures, patterns, and finishes, it allows to creation of customised designs that match with brand aesthetics.

You can explore a variety of cladding such as 3D, Kinetic, and anamorphic are some of the facade styles that capture the attention of the consumer walking into your brick-and-mortar store.

Durability and longevity

Using ACP for a visual brand’s identity is a long-term investment. ACP sheets are known for their durability, resilience against weather conditions, fire safety, and resistance to impact from wind and seismic waves, making them an excellent choice for interior and exterior facades. With ACP sheets you can be confident that your brand’s visual identity will remain constant and appealing over time.


To create a brand identity, it is important to represent spaces with brand tones. For instance, Reliance Digital with Rosso Corsa (Red), Catalina Blue (Blue), and Spiro Disco Ball (Sky Blue Shade), as these are specific colours, cannot be replaced with any other tones. With customisation in shades and textures in ACP sheets, it is easier to create branding elements that leave a lasting impression. Whether it is 3D logos, letters, or shades for cladding, ACP enables you to make your brand truly distinctive.

Ease of Installation

The ACP sheets are lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and install. They offer versatility when it comes to installation methods, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Some of them are:

Adhesive Bonding:

A common installation method involves adhering ACP sheets to various surfaces using high-quality adhesives. This approach is efficient and provides a seamless finish.

Mechanical Fastening:

In some cases, ACP sheets can be mechanically fastened to structural frameworks or substrates. This method offers additional stability and is ideal for applications where high wind loads or structural support are required.

Ease of Cutting and Shaping:

ACP sheets can be easily cut and shaped to fit the specific dimensions and contours of your project. This flexibility ensures a precise fit during installation, reducing material wastage and installation time.

Sustainability of ACP Sheets

By opting for ACP sheets, you are befriending the environment. Today, consumers prefer companies that prioritise sustainability. ACP panels are highly recyclable, the aluminium in the panel can be recycled multiple times before losing its quality, while the thermoplastic core is recyclable too. Other than that, it comes with insulation properties that can enhance the energy efficiency of your brand’s physical spaces. With ACP sheets you can reduce heating and cooling costs by demonstrating your brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Application of ACP Sheet to Create Branded Environments

Cladding In Retail/Commercial Spaces

Be it a retail shop of a brand, or a commercial building, the choice of exterior cladding and colours is an important aspect of visual identity as it gives a lasting impression to the audience. So, if the branding is done for companies such as Reliance, Burberry, or Starbucks, it is important that the tone and texture resemble the brand hues.

3D, kinetic, perforated, and anamorphic are some of the ACP façade designs that are incorporated in cladding to elevate the look and feel of the retail and commercial spaces. It makes the brand stand out among competitors.


Capturing your audience’s attention is becoming difficult every day, which is why you need high-resolution graphics and images. ACP Sheets comes in high-quality visuals which are created with PVDF paints and protective film. The capability allows businesses to showcase their brand’s logo, products, or promotional message with clarity and precision. ACP sheets come with LED lights, and screens as signage that make it the right choice for canopy of petrol pumps, on roads for brand promotion, and useful in Out-Of-Home (OOH) campaigns.

Interior ACP Sheets

Be it workplace branding, or creating visual identity for your business, interior designing is as important as exterior. For this, you can add an Aluminium HPL sheet as the ceiling to add recessing light to make the space elegant, spacious and well-lit. Other than that, use it to create statement walls, with branded signages.

Create Impression With Alumaze That Counts

First impressions matter and a well-designed exterior, made possible with ACP sheets, can create a positive initial perception for customers and clients. It conveys professionalism, quality, and meticulous attention to detail, fostering trust and loyalty. Alumaze has state-of-the-art machinery, five calendar technologies (the first of its kind in India) and rigorous testing procedures are leading innovation in branded facades. The contemporary aesthetics, customisation options, and durability make the Alumaze ACP sheet the choice for indoors and outdoors. Go through our range of ACP design series to establish a brand identity in commercial spaces.