Modern construction goes way and beyond to make choices that are sustainable, and eco-conscious and help in reducing carbon footprint. With BIM technology and tools involved, architects and designers not only figure out the consequences of a design structure but also how a material plays a key role in benefiting their overall objective. One such new-age material that has amazed architects, designers, builders, and engineers of today is the Aluminium Composite Panel.It was established to be used in the transportation industry, due to its lightweight, but with its varied advantages, it has become a necessary material in construction around the world. Among its long list of advantages, we will talk about lowering electricity bills. Did you know ACP sheet for exterior helps lower electricity bills? In this blog, let’s find out.

Understanding ACP Sheets

Before delving into the energy efficiency aspect, it is crucial to understand ACP sheets and what are they composed of. ACP sheets, which is the acronym for aluminium composite panel is exactly the same as it is named, Aluminium with composite material! The composite material which is known as the core of the panel comprises polyethene for non-fire retardant and for fire-retardant mineral core, this is sandwiched between thin sheets of two layers of aluminium. The composition not only lends structural strength but also provides a canvas for various finishes and colours, making them a popular choice for facading in the exterior.

Impact of ACP Sheet in Lowering Electricity Bills for Exterior

Reflecting Heat to Prevent Overheating

The heat-reflective property of ACP sheets for the exterior prevents overheating of the walls which reduces the chances of increased heat in the interiors that lowers electricity bills. Aluminium is a highly reflective material, and it acts as a shield, this means it reflects a significant portion of the sun’s rays away from the building. This reduces the amount of heat entering the building, thereby maintaining a cooler temperature inside. As a result of it, it decreases the dependency on air conditioning system and air cooling systems, directly translating into lower energy consumption and reduced electricity bills.

High Thermal Insulation

ACP cladding for the exterior is beneficial for modern high-rise construction as it has exceptionally high thermal insulation. ACP sheets are installed over an MS pipe wall frame, and the gap between the wall and the panel has a movement of air, this movement plays a significant role in thermal insulation. The air between the aluminium composite panel and the wall creates a vacuum effect. For this, you must get the Aluminium Composite Panel installed by professionals, to avoid sealing gaps, and cracks.

Financial Safety with Low Electricity Cost

Reducing electricity bills is not only a win for the environment but also for your financial pockets. Most of the maintenance cost of a building goes into electricity bills. Adding an ACP sheet for the exterior can help in reducing the yearly maintenance cost, and operational costs associated with the heating and cooling system. This financial resilience enhances the overall safety of building investments.

Alumaze ACP Sheet for Exterior: Adding an extra layer of safety

ACP sheets are lowering the bills, not only that they are also adding an extra layer of safety to the construction. Alumaze is a trailblazer in the manufacturing of ACP sheets, with state-of-the-art machinery, and stringent quality testing, ACP sheets from the house of Alumaze are at the forefront to make your construction aesthetic while making a building more secure and energy efficient.

Fire Retardant Panels

If you stay in a high-rise building, fire drills are part of the safety measures that a building always follows. And to make construction safer, architects are experimenting more with fire-retardant material, that not only prohibits fire catching but also decompartmentalises the fire to stop it from spreading. This is where Alumaze’s ACP sheet thrives. The fire-grade panels are tested by renowned laboratories in India and adds an additional layer of safety against potential fire hazard.

Sound Insulation

While living in between the crowded cities, we cannot mute the noise around the city. The polyethene between the panels not only provides thermal insulation but also dampens the sound entering your home. Alumaze tests the panels for Airborne Sound Transmission Loss for 0.25 +- .05DB for sound insulation.

Regulatory and Quality Testing Certification

Alumaze is the choice of modern space shapers, as the panels are subject to various regulations and certifications. All the panels are tested in compliance with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) to guarantee the product’s quality and performance.


Utilising an ACP sheet for exterior is a fortified method of unlocking unprecedented energy efficiency. While investing in building materials for construction, one must take a holistic approach that includes the cost calculation in construction, and depreciation cost that will come after construction. Electricity bills are one of those expenditures, so choosing an aluminium composite panel helps in reducing the depreciation cost.

Alumaze is one of the leading ACP sheet manufacturers in South India, and our product range consists of diverse shade ranges, hues, and textures. Want to shop for the aluminium composite panel? Give us a call at +918499886998 or mail us at and our expert will guide you through.