In the ever-evolving spectrum of architecture and construction, the facade has evolved from a mere static structure to a canvas of creativity. The new era facade materials such as Aluminium Composite Panels intertwined design, technology, and functionality to elevate the archaic methods and materials of construction.

As Aluminium Composite Panels are lightweight, flexible, easy to install, maintain, and shape, these have emerged as a transformative force, revolutionising the face of modern construction. Utilising it in your property for exterior facades, interior applications, transportation, and furniture facades, the need for quality ACP is paramount. This is where Alumaze comes in. How do we help in elevating the aesthetics, and why you should invest in Alumaze’s ACP sheet for your property, are answered here in the blog, so keep reading it!

Robust Manufacturing Unit with Five Calender Technology

Alumaze is one of the leading ACP sheet manufacturers in South India, which is pioneering innovation in the ACP sheet industry. The first in India Five Calendar Technology is pushing the ideas forward and ensuring you receive high-quality panels. The five calendar technology consists of hard press rollers that enable consistent smoothness in the entire roll of the ACP sheet. It ensures the evenness of the ACP sheet.

Apart from that, the manufacturing unit at Vizianagaram is spread over an area of 2 acres powered with Conical Twins Screw Extruder technology. The 4 extruder lines are responsible for manufacturing LDPE granules that facilitate the manufacturing of quality ACP Sheets.

Captivating Product Range

Design finishes influence the way we perceive a structure. With the opportunity to experiment with design, it is important the panels support the imagination. ACP sheets are known as the property of imitation, which means the panels can imitate any texture or finish of traditional materials. At Alumaze, we have a range of ACP design series, which has biomimicry in shades, and textures, and some also mimic commonly used construction material such as Marble Series, Sand Series, Mirror Series/Metallic/Glossy Series, Stone Series, Wooden Series and Vintage textures and tones with Antique Series. We utilise 1PE, 2PE, and PVDF coating to add various finishes and textures to the sheets.

Durable and Maintenance Free

The cladding material is susceptible to damage from UV rays, rain, and corrosion. But when ACP sheets are put to the test, they shine through the test of time! To incorporate this feature into our ACP panel, we have engineered top-grade aluminium and quality polyethylene core, which ensures strength and durability of the panels. Alumaze’s ACP sheets are built to resist weather elements, corrosion, and wear, ensuring your property remains aesthetically appealing for years to come.

Fire Resistance

The ability to withstand fire and retard helps in enhancing the structure strength of your property. The core of Alumaze’s fire retardant sheets contains fire-resistant adhesive, that reduces firer propagation into the core and helps in achieving fire safety guidelines for your building.

Moreover, the toxin-free adhesive does not produce any toxic gases or vapour during a fire breakout, which eases the evacuation process. This is crucial as it makes evacuating the premises easier during such emergencies. Additionally, the panels are designed to cause minimal harm to the building’s structure, providing valuable time to take the required measures to fully extinguish the fire.

Anti-Corrosive Panels

The primary application of ACP sheets is to be used as wall panelling, signage, and false ceilings. These are mostly exterior applications which are exposed to rain and moisture in the air. The contact of moisture in the air with Aluminium can lead to corrosion, hence weakening the structural integrity. This is why, we add DuPoint Adhesive film, along with a protective film above the PVDF coating to resist damage due to moisture. This enures the sheet remains unaffected by moisture and enhances the lifespan. Being anti-corrosive, these sheets does not allow water to penetrate or settle on the panels that prevents formation of mold into the wall.

Limitless Customisation

Today future of construction and facades is beyond imagination. With structures like “The Museum of Future” at Dubai, Mediopadana Station at the province of Reggio Emilia is what the construction of tomorrow might look like. To facilitate such construction, a visionary architect need right facade material which is highly customisable and flexible. With our high-tech manufacturing unit, we provide 100% customisation making your dreams into our reality. Be it customisation in textures, finishes, or even dimensions of the panels, we do not limit ourselves, helping our clients to get the result they want from ACP sheets.

Flexibility and Bendability

One of the features of aluminium composite panels that makes it stand out among other new-age materials such as glass, or fibre, is flexibility. The panels are 90-degree flexible, which allows architects to experiment with different structures and methods of installation. At Alumaze, we test the hardness of the panels, to ensure it is flexible enough to be shaped in a range of designs, yet sturdy enough to resist damage and breaking of panels.

Usage of Aluminium Composite Panel

ACP as interior

In interiors, ACP cladding is used as roofing, wall panelling, and furniture cladding. The thin sheets of 3mm width are perfect for elevating the designs and creating statement walls at cost constraint budget.

ACP as exterior

The beauty of any property comes from its exterior, ACP sheets are able to withstand changes in temperature, weather, and fire, making it the right material for building elevation.

ACP as signage

ACP sheets are perfect for corporate branding, as the panels can imitate the texture and finish of branded hues. These panels are preferably a better choice over vinyl and traditional signage.

Pioneering Research, Technology and Innovation

Choosing Alumaze’s Aluminium Composite Panels for your property equips you with a high-quality, versatile, and aesthetically appealing solution. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Alumaze stands as a reliable partner for enhancing the look and durability of your property with Aluminium Composite Panels.