ACP stands for ‘Aluminum Composite Panel’ and are sheets made up of aluminum with a core in the middle of two sheets. There is a component in between the two laid panels, which is called LDPE, a.k.a Low-Density Polyethylene. These sheets are used widely in the exterior and the interior as well as in the signage. It is the latest innovation. These sheets are very flexible and the designs that are used with the help of these sheets are also practicable using other materials when used by the ACP sheet manufacturers. In this article, you will get to know how innovative a company is in order to build a better future. Without any further ado, let us read!

How Alumaze Bridges the Gap

We are an emerging company in the ACP sheet industry, as we walk toward the transformation of the world with the help of unique shapes that are built in our facility. With this belief, we walk forward to unlock endless possibilities by exchanging high-quality ACP with numerous designs along with functional potential.

We are steadily making partners with amazing visionaries. In the name of passion, the space shapers are transforming mundane and common spaces into amazing and unique marvels. We are pushing our boundaries and capabilities in order to make peace with challenges while collaborating with others, to create truly unique spaces.

We are the first ACP sheet manufacturer from south India with a prediction unit of 5 calendar technology, the latest machinery, the first in India. We are focused on providing quality-based solutions through innovations. In this blissful journey, we have also committed to ourselves to provide limitless possibilities with ACP sheets while being ACP sheets manufacturers.

We never fail to deliver our products to our consumers. We understand that when the space shapers have an idea they choose us with a lot of expectation. How do we live up to that expectation? By committing to deliver the best and looking into the customer’s requirements in a proper way. We believe in growth that uplifts both sides.

The Manufacturing Unit

The manufacturing along with the production unit in Vizianagaram owns an area of 2 acres. The built-up area is 60,000 sq. units. The manufacturing facility is capable of 18 to 20 lakh production, powered with technologies such as the ‘colonial twins screw extruder’. We currently have 4 extruder lines that have LPDE granules helping in manufacturing the finest ACP sheets.

We are also able to manufacture 6 mm, 4mm, and 3 mm ACP panels for exterior and interior applications. Our unique ACP sheet manufacturer line helps us to offer customization as well in color coating and thickness of the ACP design.

Advantage of ACP panel

Appearance and Aesthetic Structures

It boosts the appearance and aesthetic of structures. The customers can easily turn their imagined design into reality as the ACP sheets will be taking and keeping the design intact, and hassle-free.


The company allows ACP sheet customization as per the client’s requirement along with vision. In today’s world, everything and anything can be customized, people have access to different platforms, and yet it is easy for them to gather new ideas that they themselves want to enjoy.

Top-notch Quality

We provide premium-quality ACP sheets that do not let dust and pollution settle. Though we are emerging as a new company, we do our level best to meet the demand of our clients and give them a premium quality product.

Amazing properties

The ACP sheets have weather-proof panels and anti-rust. The ACP sheet can be used in any season, as it has the property to withstand climate by keeping the interior of the house or room safe.

Easy Installation

It is quite easy to install. There are alternate products in the market that bring hassle with affordability, but we try to bring the best for our customers and affordability.

It is also cost-effective

As mentioned abrasive, the market is filled with cheap rate products, which is a loss as they do not last long. But our product is long-lasting and strong for we believe we are not just spreading ACP sheets but innovations as well.


It has properties that help the material to bend smoothly. The ACP sheet is easy to handle, and install, and is easy to bend. We have made it lighter and thinner for it does not take away the aesthetic sense of the structure.


Being the emerging ACP sheet manufacturer in the industry, it is quite tough to stay in the position we have come so far with the help of our consumers and clients. But the way is smooth as we are honest in our production and service. There will be many companies that will lure you in with cheaper offers, the choice is yours to take.